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Att home with Nell Lloyd Malcolm

Att Pynta was recently invited over to Nell's family London home to find out more about what inspires her interior style. Currently working on her fashion and art business while training for the Iron Man 2015, Nell took time out to show us round the stunning house.


Entering the hallway we’re greeted by framed photos, prints and theatre posters that showcase the family’s involvement in the arts. Nell has an artistic flair and a keen eye for bright, bold colour, a fusion that can be seen in the vibrant bag range she’s currently creating. Art is integral to creating her space. ‘When I move into my own home, getting the artwork right is definitely one of the most important things,’ she tells us. The Victorian townhouse is full of different styles: abstract, fine, sculpture and photographic. The house is bursting with artwork, many pieces created by her family.

Nell is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance her space, taking inspiration from interior magazines, friend’s homes and Pinterest. ‘I love art that is abstract and colourful,’ she tells us while flicking through a book of her favorite artist, Patrick Heron.

Her favorite room in the home is the office/lounge, primarily because it’s light and bright. ‘It feels peaceful and calming and when the light is coming through the window on a sunny day is so beautiful’ she smiles, curling up on her chaise lougue.


When it comes to interiors Nell favors a mix of clean white walls with pops of colour. ‘I like things that are lived in as well as clean white spaces. I love the combination of simple plain walls decorated with artwork that excites the eye. ’ 

With its black painted floorboard, white walls and paintings, we are seriously envious of Nell’s kitchen. It’s full of warmth and character, created by the red velvet sofa, the selection of metal pots, ceramics bowls and jasmine scented candles. ‘Kitchen’s are really important to me as I love to cook and have people over for dinner parties.’ This room is perfect for entertaining, and in the summer the party can spill outside to the garden via the French doors.

 Regardless of age, the furniture in Nell’s house just blends well. But it’s the colour pallet that ties the look together. From the burnt orange and turquoise in the living area, too the burgundy and navy tones in the kitchen. The house has evolved over the decade her family has owned it. It’s this carefully selected build up of art, photos and trinkets that make this house truly homely.

We love the overall look, and have coined it ‘eccentric modern English’. It’s certainly given us a lot of ideas

Photography: Amanda Nelson for Att Pynta

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