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Meet The Maker — Stolen Form

The brick. Regarded throughout history as one of the strongest and most enduring building materials, it is typically seen stacked together and embedded within the permanent structures it supports. A staple of urban life, this timeless building block is rarely given a platform of its own. Att Pynta are proud to work with with team at Stolen Form and share their effortlessly cool brick vases. 

Officially launched in November 2012, StolenForm was founded by London design duo Christian Marsden and Ali Amer. Moulding time-honoured traditions of British craftsmanship with contemporary design practice, StolenForm specialises in recasting iconic urban features into striking functional and decorative products.

Christian is know for perpetually trailing traces of plaster behind him, and talking in a language of hands about his next project, Christian embodies passion for his craft, honest materiality and integrity of process. While completing a BA in Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University he pushed the boundaries of conventional approaches to object making, experimenting with a wide and unusual range of materials and working their unique properties into the core of his designs. Christian’s work merges current design technology with traditional craftsmanship techniques, creating beautiful objects that speak to the history of craft tradition in Britain

Ali who was born and bred in London has long been captivated by his urban surroundings. While undertaking a BA in Design and Politics at Kingston University, London, he began to draw increasing parallels between the politics of space and the place of design within large cities. With an instinct for the strong, graphical forms of the city, Ali sees design as an inherently communal process, which engages and impacts us all. Ali’s motivation stems from the belief that no object or form in our shared public space should remain unattainable or elusive, and that design can help to form bonds with, and make sense of, the physical world around us.

Christian and Ali are inspired by the urban environment from years spent journeying through London’s metropolis. This led them to notice afresh the ubiquitous and foundational features of the city that are so often overlooked: a brick, a manhole cover over a drain or piece of piping – reclaiming them and elevating them to a new level of function and aesthetic value.

Staying true to its familiar 'frogged' form while re-imagining its function, Stolen Form have designed a sleek ceramic vase, multipurpose in use and a striking feature to add to any interior space. We love these vases and think they make a perfect gift for a loved one or maybe just for yourself!

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