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Meet The Maker – Bold & Noble

Jane and David, the Creative Directors of print design company Bold and Noble, shows us the process of creating their beautiful prints and what inspires the collections.

Jane, who works on designs for the collections, explains to us how it all started. 'Bold and Noble was born at our kitchen table. Our vision was to create beautifully made screen prints people would love.' She traces her passion for design back to her grandpa’s beautiful advertising portfolio which inspired her to follow in his footsteps. ‘It wasn't always plain sailing while getting the business set up. Granny would babysit while we we worked nights on our first collection. Which since 2008 has now grown into wallpapers and kitchen linens,she tells us.

Their mission was to create beautiful prints that didn't cost the earth in both the financial and ecological sense. 'We make products that stand the test of time, by hand, in the old-fashioned way. And we believe in living. If it’s a sunny day, we’ll be out there looking for inspiration—providing all the work’s done,' Jane says. When she’s not in the studio, you’ll probably find Jane digging in the garden or rummaging at a flea market.

Jane and David met while studying design at Newcastle, and after a decade working for consultancies in London, she’s still as fired-up and optimistic about design as ever. David is an industrious designer and illustrator, his hands are always covered in ink and he is constantly thinking of new ideas to get down on paper. He says his granny influenced him greatly. 'She kept me supplied with endless rolls of wallpaper for doodling,' he says.

'Our vision was to create beautifully made homewares people would love and that is what we hope we’ve done,’ they say. Bold and Noble designs are printed using traditional methods onto recycled or carefully sourced materials. Their love of design sees Jane and David trawling through markets and, weather permitting, heading out of town, into the wild to seek inspiration from the environment.

All the prints are made lovingly in the UK by hand. The human touch continues through to the production phase. 'We use traditional methods and all our collaborators are based in England, lowering our carbon footprint. That way we can also meet the printers, try out colours and materials until we’re happy to press the big green button.'

Business is now in full swing and Jane explains how they love supplying to small independent retails such as Att Pynta. 'From those first few months where we’d walk down to the Post Office with poster tubes propped up on the buggy to dispatch our orders to today’s more streamlined service, we like to think we haven’t lost any of the personal touches or quality we started with.' 

How it looks, feels and smells – that is all part of the alchemy for Bold and Noble. 'We carefully select the materials based on their green credentials, their weight and surface texture. When that process is complete we test inks to find the perfect colour intensity and coverage. We want our products to feel considered and loved when they land on yours and our customers’ doorstep.' It is clear to see the love and hard work that goes into each and every one of these prints. Why not give your walls an update with one of our gorgeous botanical inspired ones, full of life and colour.

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