Att Home with Sonny Kearns & David Blaton

Sonny and David gave Att Pynta a personal tour of their new gorgeous warehouse flat in the heart of London’s East End.  Their home is situated in an old textile factory, which is full of original features from brick walls to large industrial windows.

As you enter the home you are greeted by a stunning marble side table which houses some of their treasures from their many travels. ‘I have collected items from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, America, South Korea, Denmark and the list goes on,’ Sonny recalls, as we walk around the space. Their travels have clearly influenced how they dress their home and how their style has evolved.‘After travelling to lots of different countries across Asia, Europe and North America, I have gained inspiration from different cultures to create my own style that fuses the things I have seen, he tells us. Their home contains lots of travel books that Dave collects, which includes a set of National Geographic collectors books full of stunning imagery that sits on their coffee table.


Interior design has always been an interest for Sonny, and his mother has been a huge influence creatively ‘She has an incredibly eclectic taste - her hair was blue when I was growing up! - our house would always be brimming with fresh design and original art and furniture.’

Since moving into their new home Sonny and David have been more conscious of getting items that complement the new space. ‘The brickwork, concrete and high ceilings inspired me to seek out the right interior designs for this inspiring space,’ he says. They have certainly managed to do that. Each item serves a purpose and works perfectly in the different rooms. We are particularly fond of the large silver light that dominates the dining area and creates a beautiful focal point. With large white spaces it is important to retain a sense of comfort, they have achieved this perfectly through the use of various throws and lambskins. Adding tactile texture instantly makes your home feel more inviting and cosy. We are also in love with the contemporary steel blue chairs with the sheepskin draped across it.


They love to entertain so it was always a priority to get a big dining table. ‘This large wooden table is the centre piece to our home, our whole life revolves around it,’ Sonny laughs. Sonny loves to update the dining space by adding new interior accessories and plants to it: ‘We have countless dinners, family moments and it really holds so many amazing memories for us.’

During the past few years Sonny has found himself drown to Scandinavian décor: ‘On a recent trip to Copenhagen I was inspired when shopping in the interior stores and have never looked back, any home I build going forward will be dominated by minimalistic tones of concrete, greys and wood!’ We can see how this aesthetic works so well for the pair, the clean line and functionality for the Scandi look allows them to have an interior design led space that is contemporary, cool and most importantly feels like home. ‘A space should never be overdressed. I particularly like the lighter tones used in Scandinavian homes, it allows you to beat the dark gloom of the British weather, I always have a bright and warm space to come home to.’

 We can certainly see why the pair love coming home to this flat, it oozes style, characterful touches and cosy features. An invite to one of their famous dinner parties awaits!

Photography: Amanda Nelson for Att Pynta