Att Home With Jacky Kearns

Att Pynta were lucky enough to be invited to Jacky’s beautiful London home and have a snoop around. You enter into dazzling coloured light beaming into the hallway, courtesy of the beautiful stained glassed windows.

Jacky’s home has been completely renovated to create a building that is all about light and space. The open plan first floor is flooded with light from floor to ceiling through the glass wall that leads to the back garden. The room has a lovely layout, with a cosy seating area at one end and a grand dinning table at the other which is perfect for entertaining. ‘I'm lucky to be able to have such a large table. I think it's beautiful and practical. It's seen some very good times’ Jacky reminisces, smiling.

Jacky’s favourite area of her home is the living room. ‘I love sitting there looking into the garden because it's so bright and open,’ she says. We couldn’t agree more, the glass sliding doors leading out to the garden create a sense of calm and tranquility. It is also ideal for when dinner parties spill outside in the summer months.

We love the use of clean lines and white walls juxtaposed with the bright pops of colour from the wall art and furniture. Jacky likes to update her home with new works of art and interior accessories. ‘As my home evolves I find myself buying smaller pieces with colours and texture to add points of interest in a room. Like a vase for a special flower,’ she tells us. 


The master bedroom sits at the top of the house and boasts a stunning view of the skyline. With its glass wall at one end of the room, the space is light, bright and calm. Jacky wanted a peaceful space that she can relax in. A big bath sits in the bedroom facing the gorgeous view, we’re sure it is very easy to unwind after a long day when laying in it. ‘I’ve always been inspired by nice hotels, bars and galleries. They’ve influenced how I decorate my home,’ Jacky explains as we walk around the bedroom. We can see how, her home oozes both beauty and functionality.



Jacky’s house is a mix of modern and classic, fused with Scandinavian touches. We love how she’s created a sense of space and light throughout her home without it feeling sterile or clinical. The house has character and quirky flourishes that can be seen in each room. Oh, and did we mention there is a small cinema on the ground floor! This home really is picture perfect.

 Photography: Amanda Nelson