Att home with Kai & Joe

Att Pynta’s co-founder Kai shows us around his South London home. Kai recently moved from East London, leaving trendy Shoreditch for a leafier part of town. ‘After six years of living and working in Shoreditch I felt it was time for a change,' he explains.

With his Victorian flat situated in the heart of Brockley's conservation area, it's a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Bethnal Green.


‘As soon as we viewed the flat we feel in love with it, the oak wooden floors, the sash windows and period features were just what we were after,’ he says. We can certainly see what he means, as you enter the dining and living space it is flooded with light from the large windows. The couple kept the walls white, allowing pops of colour from the cushions and artwork to really stand out.

‘We wanted the space to feel calm and relaxing. That's why we tried to keep the décor simple but still personal. We've done this by displaying various treasures we’ve collected while traveling and by adding texture and accents of colour,' he says.


The pair love throwing dinner parties, so needed a space they could entertain in. The large dining table gets used on a regular bases for when family and friends come round. We love the built in shelf full of beautiful objects and books that reflect the couple’s personalities. The Danish vases and copper accessories go well with the midcentury sofa. We think the chair really ties the look together.

As we continue to explore the home we notice a little hand painted picture in a frame. ‘ This was painted by my Swedish granddad, he loves sitting in his garden and getting his paints out. I get a new one ever year for my Birthday,’ Kai says fondly.


As we enter the bedroom we notice the Att Pynta goose feather lampshade. ‘This is one of my favourite pieces from the collection, it gives our bedroom a lovely peaceful feel,’ he says.

The bedroom is kept tonal through the use of a light blue and grey colour pallet. ‘We felt it was important to keep this room fuss free and simple. We wanted a space that was calm and relaxing,’ he adds. The blue shades from the bed and linen work really well combined with the dove grey chest of drawers, metal lamp and white walls.


‘We spent ages trying to find the right bed for this room, I love the high headboard on this bed frame, as the room is quite large we wanted a bed that would fit the space. The padded frame adds a cosy element to the room,’ Kai says. The windows bring in loads of light, making it bright and airy. We like the little details throughout the room - the leather satchel, the ladder and books. They're all pieces they picked up from markets, traveling and thrift shops.


‘Every time I go back to Sweden or on holiday I always end up finding something new for the home. It is getting trickier finding the space to display it all,' Kai says with a smile. ‘I am constantly changing and updating the rooms in our house, I find myself rearranging the shelves and then forgetting where I put something!’

The bathroom has been kept clean and contemporary with a monochrome feel. As the space is quite small the couple wanted to add homely touches without overcrowding the space. We love the black metal tea light holder, a piece they picked up on a recent trip to Gothenburg. ‘There are still things we want to update like the kitchen units and bathroom tiles but that will have to be next year's project, ’ he says.

We hope you’ve liked snooping around the home of Att Pynta’s co-founder and hopefully it may have inspired you with ideas for your home. We’ll have to revisit again next year and see the changes.