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Bedroom update with Brittany Bathgate

With the new year now officially upon us it can be a good time to think about decluttering and creating a calm space in your home. We had the pleasure of meeting with blogger and style guru Brittany Bathgate in her Norfolk home to discuss just that. Known for her minimal and contemporary fashion sense, which also resinates in her interior choices. Everything in her room is considered and elegant, showcasing her favourite pieces and brands giving the room a sense of calm and tranquility

''Blogging means I am often on Pinterest, Instargram or flicking through books and magazine finding inspiration. Those sources have definitely helped shape how I style not only myself but also my home'' 

Brittany, a writer, lives in the house with her boyfriend Dean, an artist. They wanted to create a space that they could both work and entertain in ''as we both do lots of freelance work having a space that is calm and non chaotic was really important for us'' 

We love how when looking around her room your eyes become drawn to the different prints, ornaments and books that are on display. These considered placements of her objects gives the room a harmonious quality. The colour pallet has been kept neutral while introducing splashes of colour from vases and art work

Wanting to save money and create something unique, her boyfriend set to work to make them a bed using wooden pallets and timber cut offs. ''We have saved ourselves an abundance of money by making a bed out of timber. The bed simply sits on 4 pallets with a surround and matching headboard made from 1”x 6” timber''. Genius! The natural elements from the bed to the potted succulents help to create a soothing stress free space

Having rented for over 4 years Brittany is all too familiar with the frustrations of trying to make someone else's home feel like your own. However after giving the walls a lick of white paint and adding there own furniture and art the place started feeling like home. ''I find that house plants are a relatively cheap and an easy way to personalise a room, and add colour.'' We couldn't agree more, plants are also a great way for purifying the air in your home

''Updating my home with new styles is a great way to refresh a space'' she tells us. ''By adding a vase with flowers or new cushions it can instantly transform how you see the room and give it a new lease of life!''

Brittany has worked wonders on her room and created space that truly feels like her own home. Can't wait to see what she'll do with her next place!

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