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Bedroom update with Jordan Bunker

We meet with lifestyle blogger and student Jordan Bunker to get the low-down on how to transform a small student room into a stylish and homely space. Jordan shows us around his home in Bournemouth where he completing his final year of studies in multimedia journalism. "When moving into a new space the first thing you want to do is make it your own. This is the biggest room I've had since starting my degree and with its white walls and wooden floors I felt it gave me a blank canvas to create my own little space" Jordan explains to us. 

He has kept his room clutter free and tranquil allowing space for his favourite objects to stand out "I've been inspired by modern simple homes that I have seen in magazine and on home blogs. Having one or two things positioned well, opposed to loads of bits and pieces, creates a curated and considered feel" explains Jordan who is a keen photographer and often snaps streetstyle and travel pictures for his blog

Having a room that he can work in is really important for Jordan as he'll be spending many hours over his laptop completing his dissertation. "The main piece of furniture I purchased for the room was my desk. I wanted one that was a good size to fit my blogging and uni bits as well some decorative items like the mini cacti" he says picking up one of his little plants. This is a very clever idea, a work space shouldn't all be about books and stationary, adding homely touches like a vase or a candle means you actually enjoy spending time at your desk.

Students all know the struggles of a cold flat or house, to achieve a cosy warm feel to his room Jordan added throws and textiles. These will not only keep him warm and toasty but add texture to his room making it instantly feel more homely "during cold days I walk around with this throw wrapped around me" Jordan says with a smile.

Jordan is a keen traveler and hopes to visit South East Asia once he has finished his degree. "I purchased a map print as a little goal for my future travels, and to remind me to save. Displaying my goals and ambitions is a way for me to keep my mind focused and work hard" We couldn't agree more, displaying photographic memories and goals is a great way to stay focused and get excited for future plans.

With the bright white walls Jordan wanted to inject some colour into his room. Adding a Persian style rug and green plants means he managed to add colour without painting the walls. "I wanted a rather large plant in my room to add a fresh touch to the space, this one is ‘chrysalidocarpus lutescens’ and my hat goes off to those of you who can pronounce that!"

Once Jordan had the room decor almost completed he wanted to add some stylish lighting. His filament bulb will create a warm glow in the room as well as a subtle vintage vibe.

The final touches he added was a scented candle and tea light box to add a cosy atmosphere and an inviting smell on dark evenings. "I prefer candles with notes of musk and leather over floral scents, my pomegranate candle has a smokey citrus hint that I love"

We think Jordan has done a great job creating a peaceful bedroom and work space fit for a any budding student. Find more bedroom ideas when we visited fashion guru Brittany Bathgate


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