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Att home with Ida Koolmeister

When mother of two Ida packed up her Swedish home to move to London with her husband and children she wanted to find the right place to suit their Scandinavian style and family needs. We popped by her new London home to take a snoop around to show you how she's brought a little bit of Sweden to the UK.

Having grown up in Stockholm and settled into family and work life there, being able to create a home in the UK that felt familiar and comfortable was very important for the pair. Ida says: 'When viewing homes before the move I was surprised how different Swedish and English homes were, I'm thrilled with the home we found like its old English charm'

This is not the first big move Ida and her husband have made, having previously relocated to Oslo, Norway. 'Living in Oslo was great, it was nice to discover a new city but it also felt like home as the styles and culture are very similar to Sweden,' she says. It's here she bought her favourite item for the home, a large chandelier style light fitting. 'I loved the style of the lamp and think that interesting lighting can really change the feel of a room,' she explains. 

Ida and her family moved to London at the start of 2016. Once unpacked, she set to work creating a home that reflects the couple's style. She says: 'When searching for a house in London we wanted an open plan space so that we can cook, dine and relax while being able to keep an eye on the kids.'

One of the biggest differences Ida noticed when she she was looking for a new house was that windows in UK homes often don't have a sill or shelf. 'In Sweden everyone will have lamps hanging in the window and candles and trinkets on the window sill, also curtains are always kept open,' she says. As Scandinavian homes have been built to withstand long cold winters they are very insulated meaning curtains are not needed. 'I think people like to display their nice pieces to the outside world and the window lamps create a cosy atmosphere at home during dark winters,' she explains.

As she shows us around the home we notice little bell buttons in each room. 'These would have been used when the house was new to summon maids,' she says. 'I like that those touches have been kept as they show the houses history'

Before the move the couple packed up much of their furniture and belongings from their Stockholm flat so they would be able to recreate the sleek Scandinavian style in their new home. Throughout the decor has been kept simple and typical to the Swedish style, with a monochrome colour pallet and splashes of rich texture from rugs and sheepskins. Personal touches have been added on the walls and shelves, from family photos, antiques and art. 'We were very lucky to get this wooden cabinet from my grandparents, I couldn't part with so it came with us, I love it!' she enthuses. The gorgeous large cabinet sits in the living room adding rustic character to the space.

Ida's favourite room is the conservatory, styled with two large armchairs and a table so they can relax and look out to the garden. 'It is lovely and light in here and the kids love laying down and looking up at the planes as they fly by,' she says as she plays with her son. The space has a lovely flow to it, with the kitchen, conservatory and dinning room being open plan.

'I like to keep my furniture quite simple and update it with smaller items like cushions or a vase. When we first moved into our place in Stockholm I bought some very bright plates that I later regretted as they clashed with everything else we had. Keeping furniture classic and simple suits me much more'

We are very impressed by how Ida has managed to update this English house into a chic Scandi home. Want more? See how this studio flat made little feel large.

See more from Ida's beautiful home over on her Instargram

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