Add a touch of Scandi chic Wicker

The wicker trend is becoming increasingly difficult to overlook as 2017 goes on and we are just loving it. You'll likely have seen an abundance of wicker bags on the runway and being flaunted by celebrities from Pippa Middleton to Rihanna, but this trend is also huge in interior design this year. 


Whilst the word 'wicker' may well conjure up images of questionable 70's conservatory furniture, this time the trend is back with a more modern twist. The natural woven wood finish is being embraced once again and there's lots of elegant wicker pieces on the market now that incorporate contemporary colours and interesting new shapes and concepts. 


Wicker - which refers to the method of weaving - and Rattan - which is one material often used for weaving - offer a way off adding texture to any space and its boho Scandi feel is undeniably charming.

Some of the more common wicker styles remain but there is also now a bounty of more modern and interesting designs, whether you want to add statement rustic piece or just introduce a subtle hint of bohemianism into your home.


Incorporate a few touches of wicker into your home in a fuss free space like a bathroom or to house your plants to create a contemporary take on the 70's classic.