Meet The Maker — Marie L Sundegren

With her ceramic collection being stocked exclusively by Att Pynta, we decided to take a trip to Marie S Lundgren’s workshop in Sweden and see our new collection come to life.

Marie’s passion for pottery began at 18, when she started creating ceramic pieces at an evening course. By 24 she was studying design at Art College in Gothenburg, learning more about ceramics, different techniques and design.  It was there that she refined her skill and became interested in Japanese pottery, an influence that’s still noticeable in the work she creates today.

Making interior items that are unique is what she strives for. She tells us: ‘when something goes into the kiln you never know how it will turn out. The glazes may change and depending on the thickness of the clay it can alter the final result – and that’s what I love about creating ceramic homewares’’

She particularly likes working with glass and clay to create accessories that have a translucent quality to them. Her inspiration comes from all around, from the woods that surround her house in Gothenburg to the colourful flowers in her local park. Many of her older pieces were inspired by old artistic techniques. ‘I love the simplicity of the wall art from the Stone Age era. I used to do simple ‘cave man’’ art on many of the first interior pieces that certainly made my pieces stand out from the crowd.’

Now her style is more contemporary, creating bowls, mugs and vases with burst of colour or modern unfinished edges. 

Marie’s cups have a high shine gloss whereas bowls and jugs are finished off with a simple glass rim. Put plainly: we’re potty about her pottery. Att Pynta is lucky enough to  be able to sell her first porcelain collection. ‘Porcelain is hard to work with by hand as its it so fragile but I love the results for these tea lights, as the material is so delicate candle lights shines through it beautifully,’ she says with true enthusiasm.

Marie wanted to create pieces for Att Pynta that are classic and chic while not compromising on functionality. Each piece in the collection has been hand crafted using the highest quality materials. Att Pynta are thrilled to be exclusively stocking these one of a kind pieces, and are already anticipating the new collection! 

Photography: Amanda Nelson for Att Pynta 



1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.