Our philosophy is to keep it simple, for us that means having enough fabric to create elegant waved suspension and the fabric lightly supported by the floor. All our curtains are sewn in the same way, regardless of whether you are going to hang them on a pole with rings or on a track.

Measuring: How to get the right length curtains for your home

Firstly, decide if you want a curtain pole or track.

Discreet and modern with a curtain track - Our curtain tracks are designed to be mounted to either the wall or ceiling, you can see our curtain tracks here.  When deciding on the length of your track we suggest adding an additional 40 to 50 cm on each side of the window frame to allow for enough space when the curtains are open. Attaching the curtain track to the ceiling and having it run from wall to wall gives an illusion of a taller ceiling and a bigger space.

Do you require a different length of track than our standard lengths? No problem, you can easily cut the tracks to your desired length with a hacksaw. To cut the track, start by measuring out the required length and carefully cut the metal with steady movements to ensure a smooth cut. If you need a longer length of track, you can easily use our extension joint to join several tracks together.

Classic and stylish with a curtain pole - Our curtain poles are available in several different models, from chrome to brass or a black finish. When mounting the poles, we recommend letting the pole sit approximately 20 cm above the window frame with a width of 50 cm on each side of the frame, this will give the illusion of a bigger window and ensure you don't lose light when the curtains are open. You can see our curtain poles here

Serval poles can be connected together with the use of a connecting screw. If you need any help, just drop us an email at info@attpynta.com to find out more

Now it is time to measure to the get right length for your home. We recommend letting the curtain rest slightly on the floor by adding an extra 1 cm to the length, this is to allow the curtain to land on the floor. The recommendations below are based on using the Gotain curtain pleat hooks, poles or tracks.

  • Curtain track attached to ceiling: Measure from ceiling to floor and add 1 cm.

  • Curtain track attached on the wall: Measure from the top of the curtain track and add 1 cm.

  • Curtain pole attached to the wall: Measure from the base of the curtain rings and add 1 cm.

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