Hanging your custom made curtains

To make it as easy as possible for you, the curtains are equipped with a practical hanging band to create perfect pleated waves every time. The mesh channels on the band are distributed evenly to ensure the pleats are perfectly distanced when the curtains are suspended. Here are our tips to help you achieve the best results in your home

Add the curtains pleat hooks: The folding band is sewn in a transparent material to be as discreet as possible. To locate the channels for the hooks you can bend the fabric slightly to see where the hooks will go, or hold it against a light source. We usually only thread in one of the curtain hook "arms" in the channels at the ends of the curtain panel. By hanging each panel end this way, you do not get a pleat right at the edge, as this pleat can result in the curtain appearing to be shorter or uneven at the bottom against the floor.

If using a curtain pole to hang your custom made curtains we recommend threading the curtain hook arms in every other pocket fold on the transparent hanging band. If using a curtain track to suspend your curtains we recommend threading the curtain hook arms in every pocket fold on the transparent hanging band. 


Using the High or Low pleat hooks

We recommend using the 'high' pleat hooks if you hanging your curtains on a pole with rings and the 'low' pleat hooks if the curtain are going on a wall or ceiling track. The 'low' pleat hooks are designed to conceal the tracks when the panels are drawn closed to give a ceiling floor finish. 
Hang up your curtains: The use of a sturdy ladder or seeking assistance from a friend will help when hanging the curtains! Long curtains can be heavy, if you are hanging your curtains yourself, use your shoulder as a support and place the weight of the curtain over your shoulder when you attach the curtain hooks to your rail.

Steam the curtains: Don't forget to steam your curtains! We recommend using a water steamer to remove unwanted wrinkles. This will give a clean, professional finish to your curtains. Test the steamer against a piece of kitchen paper before using on the curtains. 

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