Need help deciding the custom length and width of your curtains? We have created a handy guide to help you work out the exact measurements and style for your home. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us on!

How to measure: Curtain length

How to measure: Curtain width

How to measure: Roman blinds

How to install: Curtain tracks 

How to install: Hang your curtains

How to install: Roman blinds

Top tips: Double suspension

Top tips: Blackout curtains

1. Measuring: How to get the right length curtains for your home

Firstly, decide if you want a curtain pole or track.

Discreet and modern with a curtain track - Our curtain tracks are designed to be mounted to either the wall or ceiling, you can see our curtain tracks here.  When deciding on the length of your track we suggest adding an additional 40 to 50 cm on each side of the window frame to allow for enough space when the curtains are open. Attaching the curtain track to the ceiling and having it run from wall to wall gives an illusion of a taller ceiling and a bigger space.

Do you require a different length of track than our standard lengths? No problem, you can easily cut the tracks to your desired length with a hacksaw. To cut the track, start by measuring out the required length and carefully cut the metal with steady movements to ensure a smooth cut. If you need a longer length of track, you can easily use our extension joint to join several tracks together.

Classic and stylish with a curtain pole - Our curtain poles are available in several different models, from chrome to brass or a black finish. When mounting the poles, we recommend letting the pole sit approximately 20 cm above the window frame with a width of 50 cm on each side of the frame, this will give the illusion of a bigger window and ensure you don't lose light when the curtains are open. You can see our curtain poles here

Serval poles can be connected together with the use of a connecting screw. If you need any help, just drop us an email at to find out more

Now it is time to measure to the get right length for your home. We recommend letting the curtain rest slightly on the floor by adding an extra 1 cm to the length, this is to allow the curtain to land on the floor. The recommendations below are based on using the Gotain curtain pleat hooks, poles or tracks.

  • Curtain track attached to ceiling: Measure from ceiling to floor and add 1 cm.

  • Curtain track attached on the wall: Measure from the top of the curtain track and add 1 cm.

  • Curtain pole attached to the wall: Measure from the base of the curtain rings and add 1 cm.

2. How to make sure you get the right width for your custom made curtains?

Single width: Our single width curtains are 140 cm wide. Once our pleat hooks are added, the width will reduce to 90-100cm wide. The pleat hooks create an even wave in the fabric resulting in an elegant suspension. 

For Track: A 140cm panel will cover a maximum of 90cm and a minimum of 35cm. You will need 20 low curtain hooks, per panel, inserting a pleat hook in each tab on the transparent hanging band.

For Pole: A 140cm panel will cover a maximum of 80cm and a minimum of 30cm. You will need 10 high curtain hooks per panel, using a pleat hook in every other tab on the transparent hanging band. 

Double width: Our double width curtains are 280cm wide. Once our pleat hooks are added, the width will reduce to about 180cm. 

For Track: A 280cm panel will cover a maximum of 180cm and a minimum of 60-70cm. You will need 40 low curtain hooks per panel, inserting a pleat hook in each tab on the transparent hanging band.

For Pole: A 280cm panel will cover a maximum of 160-170cm and a minimum of 40-50cm. You will need 20 high curtain hooks per panel, using a pleat hook in every other tab on the transparent hanging band. 

All curtains are sold as singles, not pairs, available in 140cm or 280cm width. The widths of the fabric rolls can sometimes vary slightly between fabric batches. This means that sometimes a 140cm or 280cm panel can measure a little wider or narrower by up to 10cm. Keep this in mind when measuring for your curtains.

Our curtains are made to order using natural materials, which means they can be affected by gravity once hung. Depending on the material and weight they will over time become slightly longer. Our fabrics are specifically hand picked for their suitability to use as curtains, this means they will never stretch more than 0-1.5% depending on the suspension, length and weight. 

3. How to install your tracks

Our versatile metal tracks are custom made to the exact length you need and come in white or black. They are easy to install and can be fitted to either the ceiling or wall depending on your preference.

To install them start by removing the end covers to slide the brackets out, place the end covers back on the track. Next screw the brackets into your preferred position on the wall or ceiling, make sure you choose the right screws and plugs for your surface and material and that the brackets are firmly in place. The two outside brackets should be located 4cm in from the ends of the track so as not to coincide with the end covers. The remaining brackets should be evenly spaced along the track, approx every 60cm. Now you can simply pop the track on to the brackets as show in the image above.

4. How to hang your custom made curtains

To make it as easy as possible for you, Gotain's curtains are equipped with a practical hanging band. Mesh channels on the band are distributed evenly to ensure the pleats are perfectly distanced when the curtains are suspended. Here are our tips to help you achieve the best results in your home

Add the curtains pleat hooks: The folding band is sewn in a transparent material to be as discreet as possible. To locate the channels for the hooks you can bend the fabric slightly to see where the hooks will go, or hold it against a light source. We usually only thread in one of the curtain hook "arms" in the channels at the ends of the curtain panel. By hanging each panel end this way, you do not get a pleat right at the edge, as this pleat can result in the curtain appearing to be shorter or uneven at the bottom against the floor.

If using a curtain pole to hang your custom made curtains we recommend threading the curtain hook arms in every other pocket fold on the transparent hanging band. If using a curtain track to suspend your curtains we recommend threading the curtain hook arms in every pocket fold on the transparent hanging band

Hang up your curtains: The use of a sturdy ladder or seeking assistance from a friend could help when hanging the curtains. Long curtains can be heavy, if you are hanging your curtains yourself, use your shoulder as a support and place the weight of the curtain over your shoulder when you attach the curtain hooks to your rail.

Steam the curtains: Don't forget to steam your curtains! We recommend using a water steamer to remove unwanted wrinkles. This will give a clean, professional finish to your curtains. Test the steamer against a piece of kitchen paper before using on the curtains. See the full curtain collection here

Double layer suspension 

Double layer curtains create a luxurious look and feel in any space. Double curtain tracks can be mounted on both the wall and the ceiling. When mounting the tracks on the ceiling they are placed in two rows parallel to each other. The first track should be about 7-10cm from the window with the second about 7-10cm further out from the first. We recommend using a sheer material such as linen or voile on the track closest to the window and a thicker material such a velvet or thick linen layered on top. 

If you are not mounting the tracks on the ceiling you will need to use our double track wall bracket. With this bracket two tracks can be attached parallel on a wall. See our double track wall bracket here

We also offer double brackets for our black metal poles so you can suspend two layers of curtains using poles attached to the wall. 


A complete guide to optimal black out

Adding a blackout lining to either our velvet or linen curtains can help to block out the morning light and help you to get a better night's sleep. Whether you want to enjoy long sleepy mornings or want others in the household to sleep a little longer, we have some top tips to achieve a blackout effect.  

Our top tips for optimal blackout:

  1. Hang high and wide - For the best possible blackout, we recommend a ceiling-mounted curtain track that can run along the entire width of the room. This means that the light will not sneak in on the edges or above the track. If you have a wall mounted track or pole try to hang as close to the ceiling as possible.
  2. Add extra length - The sun will try its best to sneak in through the curtains and it is easy to forget about the gap on the floor. Most homes have floors that are slightly uneven. We recommend adding 1cm to the length of your curtains so that the fabric is supported by the floor and helps to prevent the sun from sneaking in!
  3. Choose the right suspension - A lined blackout curtain is heavier than many other curtains and therefore it is extra important that the track or pole is mounted correctly. We recommend that you attach your curtain track to the ceiling for extra support but if you are attaching the track to the wall - remember to use some extra brackets to ensure that they do not risk falling down. 
  4. Combine with a thinner curtain - Curtains in double layers help to create a wonderful hotel like feeling to your room. It gives you the opportunity to decide when you want to blackout the room with the thicker materials or when you just want some privacy using sheer curtains. 

How to measure to fit our roman blinds in your home

Measure in two easy step: 

1 - Measure the height and width of your window, on the inside of the window frame as shown on the below image

2 - Select the width of your blind by picking the closest option to your measurement from step 1, for example if your window is 134 cm wide, select width 140cm so that the curtain can hang a little wider than the window. For exact width options, enter the width option add this as an order note at the check out, eg: Make width 137cm. Add the length you require in The length 'box' - Done!

How to install your Roman blinds  

The Roman blinds are sold with all the components needed for installation, they are fixed onto a track using a velcro strip and the brackets can be mounted on either the wall or ceiling.

Start by screwing the brackets into your preferred position, make sure you choose the right screws and plugs for your surface and material. On the brackets there is a small lever which should point downwards for the track to be fitted onto the bracket. Once you've popped the track on, you simply secure it by pulling the lever 90 degrees up to the left or right. To remove the track from the bracket just pull the lever back to its original position.

Track and velcro strip





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