Curtain Guide

Need help deciding the custom length and width of your curtains? We have created a handy guide to help you work out the exact measurements and style for your home. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us on!

1. Measuring: How to get the right length curtains for you and your home

Decide if you want a curtain pole or track.

Discreet and modern with a curtain track - Our curtain tracks can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, depending on which bracket you choose. Our most popular suspension is a curtain rail that is attached to the ceiling and goes from wall to wall, this makes the room feel bigger. See our curtains tracks here


Classic and stylish with a curtain pole - Our curtain poles are available in several different models, from chrome to solid wood in a black finish. Let the bar sit 20 cm above the window frame and have a width of 50cm on each side of the window frame, this will give the illusion of a bigger window and ensure you don't lose light when the curtains are open. See our curtain poles here


Now it is time to measure to the get right length for your home. The curtains look best when the fabric receives some support from the floor, our tip is therefore to let the curtain sit on the floor surface slightly. Our recommendations below includes adding an extra 1cm to allow the curtain to land on the floor, these recommendations are based on using the Gotain curtain pleat hooks, poles or tracks.

  • Curtain track attached to ceiling: Measure from ceiling to floor and add 1 cm.

  • Curtain track attached on the wall: Measure from the top of the curtain track and add 1 cm.

  • Curtain pole attached to the wall: Measure from the underside of the pole and add 1 cm.

Measure the height and width of your window, on the inside of the windows frame. If you wish to make the curtains as dark as possible, we recommend adding up to 10cm in length. 

Remember to frame your windows instead of covering them. Let your curtains distribute light and add softens to your room. See the full curtain collection here

    2. How to make sure you get the right width for your custom made curtains? 

    Our curtains are available in two width options, 140cm and 280cm. All our curtains are sold in single panels. Please all curtains are sold unlined as standard, this gives the fabric a lighter feel. The option of adding a blackout lining can added to any velvet or the thicker linen fabrics. 

    Single width: Our single width curtains are 140 cm wide. Once our pleat hooks are added, the width will reduce to about 90cm wide. We recommend letting them cover a width of about 60-70cm if you are using a sheer curtain fabric. A single width covers a minimum width of 35cm and maximum of 90cm. A single width will require 20 curtain hooks.

    Double width: Our double width curtains are 280cm wide. With our pleat hooks in, the width about 190cm wide. We recommend letting them cover a width of about 140-160 cm if you are using a sheer curtain fabric. A double width covers a minimum of 70cm and a maximum of about 190cm. A double width will require 40 curtain hooks.


    3. How to hang your custom made curtains

    To make it as easy as possible for you, Gotain's curtains are equipped with a practical hanging band. Predefined distances are on the band to show where each curtain hook should go, to make sure the curtain folds are evenly distributed. Here are our tips to help you achieve the best results in your home

    Add the curtains pleat hooks: The folding band is sewn in a transparent material to be as discreet as possible. To locate the pocket folds for the hooks you can bend the fabric slightly to see where the hooks will go, or hold it against a light source. At the far end of the curtain panel, we usually only thread in one of the curtain hook "arms". By hanging each panel end this way, you do not get a crease right at the edges, as these crease can result in the curtain appearing to be shorter or uneven at the bottom against the floor.

    Hang up your curtains: The use of a sturdy ladder or seeking assistance from a friend could help when hanging the curtains. Long curtains can be heavy, if you hang your curtains yourself, use your shoulder as a support and place the weight of the curtain over your shoulder when you attach the curtain hooks to your rail.

    Steam the curtains: Don't forget to steam your curtains! We recommend using a water steamer to remove unwanted wrinkles. This will give a clean, professional finish to your curtains. Test the steamer against a piece of kitchen paper before using on the curtains. See the full curtain collection here


    2. How to measure to fit our roman blinds in your home

    Measure in 2 easy step: 

    1 - Measure the height and width of your window, on the inside of the window frame as shown on the below image

    2 - Select the width from our options to one that is closest to the dimension you obtained in step 1, for example if your window is 134 cm wide, select width 140cm so that the curtain can hang a little wider than the window glass. The length is tailored to your exact size!

    Adding a blackout lining? 

    To make the room as as dark as possible, we recommend that you go up a size in the width and add 10 cm in length, so there is no risk of light slipping in! See the full curtain collection here