How to measure to fit our roman blinds in your home

We recommend letting the roman blind to hang on the window frame and sit little outside of the window frame width, see visual below. Measure the width of your window, from the outer edge of the window frame, and the height from the upper edge of the window frame down to the window sill.

If you roman blind is sitting within a window recess, measure the exact width and length of the window area. We recommend removing 1cm from the width to ensure the roman blind track will sit neatly within the window frame recess. 

How high up should the roman blind be mounted? The roman blind can be mounted both on a wall or ceiling, with the help of the included brackets. To give the feeling of more spacious windows hang the roman blinds a little higher above the window.

Our blinds are all hand customised to the exact length and width you need. These blinds are reinforced by wooden ribs, with rings at the back and a cord in natural cotton. Tracks and fittings are included for suspension. 

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