A moment of calm with Harlie Briggs

We have been huge fans of Harlie Briggs' work ever since we met her in a pop-up concession within Selfridges. We got chatting, purchased a piece of work and a friendship was born. Her delicate use of paint, colour and natural brushstrokes create the most beautiful pieces of work. After discovering that Harlie loves using scent and mood lighting to relax and paint in we came up with our candle collaboration. Together we created a scent to uplift the senses while adding a calming mood to your space. We caught up with Harlie to learn more about the process of painting the glass vessels and how she gets cosy at home during the winter months.

As the winter season approaches how do you get cosy at home?
Lighting a candle would be my first go to, and then I would either cosy up with my dogs and watch something wholesome or get some comfy clothes on and settle down to moodboard new ideas or pick up a paintbrush in my studio and paint! 
What inspired the scent for your scented candle?
My love of the outdoors, this definitely inspired the beautiful fig scent I wanted in the candle - it reminds me of cosy Autumn's inside, with the Earthy woody scent of the outdoors seeping in. It makes me feel grounded and homely! 
You hand painted each vessel, talk us through the process and the design? 
The time and care that goes into painting each candle is truly unique. Each candle needs a few layers, which means waiting for it to dry and coming back to it. In the true beauty of the nature of hand painting, each design is ever so slightly different, so when you purchase your candle you know that it actually is one of a kind and has had a lot of time and love poured into it.

How do you relax at home?

I feel the most relaxed when I’m in my studio painting with the log burner on and my dogs surrounding me. It is incredibly rare for me to be able to switch my mind off, so having something cathartic like painting to concentrate on and give my mind a little rest is really lovely. In the evenings, some cosy candles, a big mohair blanket, a cup of tea and a programme on the sofa is where you’d find me.

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1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.