A complete guide to optimal black out

Adding a blackout lining to either our velvet or linen curtains can help to block out the morning light and help you to get a better night's sleep. Whether you want to enjoy long sleepy mornings or want others in the household to sleep a little longer, we have some top tips to achieve a blackout effect.  

Our top tips for optimal blackout:

  1. Hang high and wide - For the best possible blackout, we recommend a ceiling-mounted curtain track that can run along the entire width of the room. This means that the light will not sneak in on the edges or above the track. If you have a wall mounted track or pole try to hang as close to the ceiling as possible.
  2. Add extra length - The sun will try its best to sneak in through the curtains and it is easy to forget about the gap on the floor. Most homes have floors that are slightly uneven. We recommend adding 1cm to the length of your curtains so that the fabric is supported by the floor and helps to prevent the sun from sneaking in!
  3. Choose the right suspension - A lined blackout curtain is heavier than many other curtains and therefore it is extra important that the track or pole is mounted correctly. We recommend that you attach your curtain track to the ceiling for extra support but if you are attaching the track to the wall - remember to use some extra brackets to ensure that they do not risk falling down. 
  4. Combine with a thinner curtain - Curtains in double layers help to create a wonderful hotel like feeling in your room. It gives you the opportunity to decide when you want to blackout the room with the thicker materials or when you just want some privacy using sheer curtains. 


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