Att Home with...Amanda Nelson Bulleyn

Att Pynta co-founder Amanda takes us on a tour of her South East London flat that she shares with her husband Darren and son Bastian. The home is warm and inviting and filled with furniture and homewares from across Scandinavia. Amanda moved to London from Sweden at the age of 19 and has over the years brought several pieces back with her to create a sense of home and nostalgia to the space. Her Danish mid-century dining table and chairs were originally purchased by her grandparents in the 50-s "It's lovely to sit around the table with my son knowing it's the same table my grandparents dined with my mother and her siblings almost 70 years ago"  Amanda says

What are your top 5 things that you couldn't live without in your home?
  • My MELIMELI sofa takes centre stage in our living space. It's the 3 seat Grande version which I originally thought was going to be way too big for the room but luckily it work perfect in the space. The whole family loves to curly up together on the sofa and there is plenty of space to fit everyone comfortably.
  • One of my favourite pieces is my Svenskt Tenn Dagg vase, which sits on top of my bookcase. I got it for my 25th birthday from my mum and it's a piece of homeware I know will keep forever!
  •  Last year we purchase a Samsung Frame TV. We love to watch movies but didn't want a TV taking up space in the compact living area. I love how the TV looks just like a beautiful framed piece of art among the cluster of pictures and paintings on the wall.
  • Table lamps - I love good mood lighting which is probably why I keep buying lamps. Our living room has 5 light sources, excluding the ceiling lights, all with dimmers. I never use the ceiling lights as I can't stand that type of over head light. If my husband ever tires to puts them on he gets a telling off right away!
  • Artwork and photos are a must in any space. I wish I had more wall space as I got a whole bunch of lovely pieces that are just waiting until we move into a bigger space. I purchase original art at vintage fairs in Sweden or through market places like Artfinder or even Etsy

Is there a piece in your home that has traveled with you from each place you have lived in? What is it, why do you love it?
I've got an antique globe which I inherited from my grandad, I brought it over from Sweden in the first years of living here. Funnily enough it was gifted to him from his uncle who was a sailor and brought it back with him from his travels. I only noticed a few years ago that it says Fleet Street, London at the base so I guess I have brought back to the city where it originated!
Anything new you are looking to add to your home currently?
Right now I am looking forward to decorate the home for Christmas, I'm already thinking about which styles I want from the new Att Pynta collection that I am excited to put up. I can't wait to get my hand on some of our LED light stars, the Lecce style is my favourite.
We also recently bought a new bigger bed to so the whole family can fit!  We got a MELIMELI headboard and a base from Emma beds but now we need some nice new bedsheets.
Where do you find inspiration for your interior style?
I find inspiration in everyday life. I get really excited about beautiful colour combinations I see around me. Living in London I love the old tube station with original tiles, some stations like Regent's park has stunning bottle green tiles. I also get a lot of inspiration from Swedish estate agents websites, I love to see real people's home and follow how certain trends evolve. Of course Instagram and Pinterest are great too.


1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.