about us

We are a homeware brand that curates our collections from makers, designers and artisans across Scandinavia and the UK. Pieces that are timeless in design, sustainably produced and made to last a lifetime. Our styles are created to elevate those everyday moments in your home.

ATT PYNTA /phrase/

1. A Swedish term which means “to add decorative details to your home”.

2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.

meet the founders

Kai and Amanda met while working in the fashion industry where they connected over their love of the Scandinavian aesthetic. During a coffee break the idea for Att Pynta was born, a destination for quality Scandinavian interiors without breaking the bank. Kai and Amanda were both born and raised in Sweden and wanted to bring the natural Scandi ethos and style they grew up with to the UK.

Ethics and Sustainability

Here at Att Pynta we focus on making luxury styles affordable by carefully curating a range of homewares from ethical and sustainable designers. Our collections are focused on longevity and quality, when you buy something from our range it should last a lifetime in your home. The homeware industry is heavily influenced by fast-moving trends so we can't claim to be a perfectly sustainable company. However we are a proactive brand that is dedicated to lowering our impact on the environment, taking action with the following steps....




Att Home with Kai Price

Att Home with...Kai Price

Att Pynta co-founder Kai takes us on a tour of his South East London flat that he lives in with his husband Joe. As soon as they moved in the coupl...

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