Meet the makers – Rosie & Caroline

Design duo Rosie and Caroline, also known as Ro Co, kindly invited Att Pynta over to their botanical studio to see how our gorgeous plant hangers come to life. 

We were so excited to see our hangers being made and witness the amount and care and attention that go into each one. Caroline gets to work on a hanger while talking us through what inspired the pair to set up Ro Co. ‘We always wanted to work with natural elements for the home so plants and pots were a perfect fit for us,’ she explains. The pair specialise in creating homes for indoor plants, which was something that Caroline’s grandmother had introduced to her. ‘Her house was always full of cacti and other plants with unusual textures and colours which inspired what we do now,’ she says while setting to work on a colour blocked hanger using cotton thread.


Each hanger is handmade by the talented duo. ‘We always set out to create beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time and people will love for years to come. We try and accomplish that by using the best possible materials to ensure a high quality finish,’ Caroline tells me. We love how they fuse copper into the design by adding copper beads that allow you adjust the size of the hanger.

Their stunning workshop is set in a conservatory, with trees, bushes and ivy growing all around. It’s the ideal backdrop to help you get inspired when working with plants. ‘On days like today its so lovely to sit here and create,’ Rosie tells us as she updates a glass vessel with new cacti. With the sun streaming in, the studio comes alive with the growing succulents, ivy and cacti soaking up its rays ready to be potted. 


Rosie grew up in Buckinghamshire on a converted farm and always had space to explore. She spent much of her youth outside, exploring the local woods, and was inspired by family holidays to the Isle of Scilly and Tresco Gardens. While on a trip to San Francisco a year ago the idea of creating beautiful vessels and hangers for plants was sparked. ‘I had never seen anything like it before and knew I wanted to go back to the UK and start working with plants and creating pieces that people would use in the home,’ she says.


The pair were close friends at university, and Caroline had always been inspired by the natural world and combining the textures of different elements, so naturally shared Rosie’s vision and added new designs to the collection. ‘Ro Co is the idea of being able to feel connected to natural elements and bringing extra life to an object because of your unique interaction with it,’ Caroline explains.

These on trend plant hangers are the perfect way to add some summer greens or vibrant colour to your home.  We can’t wait to see what the girls come up with next.

Photography: Amanda Nelson



1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.