Att Home with...Kai Price

Att Pynta co-founder Kai takes us on a tour of his South East London flat that he lives in with his husband Joe. As soon as they moved in the couple put plans into motion to give the flat a new lease of life with a full kitchen and bathroom renovation. Out went the old broken units and in went the Sebastian Cox kitchen for Devol and a Tubby Tub bath in mustard yellow. Focusing on clean lines and natural materials the couple wanted to maximise on space without it feeling sterile or lifeless. Adding lots of natural wood, stone and linen to the home the couple wanted the space to feel cohesive and calm, while also feeling welcoming and inviting through the use of pops of colour and mix-matched accessories. 'A home that feels lived in and loved also makes you feel relaxed and welcomed to be in - and that is what being at home is all about' says Kai.

What are your top 5 things that you couldn't live without in your home?

  • A good comfy sofa - we spend most evenings lounging on the sofa, chatting, reading or watching TV so it has to be big and comfortable. Our MELIMELI Dahlia sofa is perfect!

  • The coffee machine - I love making a fresh coffee every morning, it always feels like a real treat.

  • Cards and photos - we have old cards and photos scattered around the house and it feels comforting to have them around and look at them from time to time.

  • The bath - we got an extra deep tub as Joe loves having a soak in the evenings. 

  • The dining table - managing to get a big enough table in the kitchen was so important to us. Joe loves to cook so being able to entertain and hang out at the table feels like 'home'.

Is there a piece in your home that has traveled with you from each place you have lived in? What is it, why do you love it?

We have an old vintage mirror that we found on the street when we lived in Bethnal Green in our first flat and it's been used in every home since. We also have an old chest of drawers I bought from Spitalfields Market when I first moved to London.

Anything new you are looking to add to your home currently? Or update?

We haven't really done much to the bedroom, so giving that a fresh lick of paint is on the list!

Was there a place or something you saw recently that inspired your home style?

We recently went to Garraf (near Barcelona) and I loved the burgundy red and cream triangle floor tiles in our hotel. I'm keen to use something similar in a future bathroom!

Where do you find inspiration for your interior style?

Anywhere really, often through nature or traveling and seeing lovely colour combinations. I also enjoy looking at estate agents (like Modern House and Inigo) and seeing real, lived-in homes, where spaces have layers of texture, colours and objects.

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1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.