How to Give Your Home a Spring Refresh

As Spring approaches, many have the urge to spruce up their homes to reflect the change in the seasons. No matter how much you love your home, channelling the energy of the springtime towards spaces where we live and work is undeniably rejuvenating.

Here are some ways you can give your home a spring refresh this coming season.

A Spring Cleaning 

Reorganising your space is a fantastic way to begin your spring refresh. Maintaining a clean living space is shown to promote better health and foster greater productivity, the latter of which has become increasingly important as we continue to work from home. Take stock of your items, give things away, and put things in order for the new season. Adding new storage and organisation items can help you declutter and get your home ready for the new season.

spring refresh spring cleaning gotain

Bring on the Flora and Fauna

One of the biggest interior design trends of 2022 focuses on bringing the outdoors in. This trend has taken over the interior design scene just in time for spring, as sprucing up your living space with greenery is a great way to refresh your home. Aside from physical greenery, you can bring outdoor themes into your home through flora and fauna motifs, bright colours, and colourful textiles. 

spring refresh flowers and curtains

Switch Your Fabrics

Adding crisp neutral tones can further compliment the spring colours you bring into your home. Light and airy fabrics like crisp cotton and linens will make your home feel brand new. This can be done in the form of new curtains or seasonally appropriate table settings. Lighter fabrics in combination with bright flora and fauna will mimic springtime renewal and rebirth in your space.

spring refresh colourful cushions

Upgrade Your Lighting

Spring is a great time to upgrade the lighting in your home. Adding a colourful new lamp or lighting fixture to your space will compliment the additional sunlight we get the pleasure of enjoying during springtime.

spring refresh curtains and sunlight

Elevate the Details

After adding statements in your home with lighting, greenery, and pops of colour, it’s time to elevate the details in your space. Upgrade your glasses, hardware, and switch out your wall art to add the finishing touches to your spring refresh.

spring refresh glassware details

Whether or not you choose to refresh your home for spring, adding small details to reflect the change in the seasons will help to rejuvenate your spaces in 2022. As we welcome springtime, focus on filling your home with items that bring you joy and promote positivity.


1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.