Att Home with...Vanessa Edwards

We caught up with fashion designer and interior enthusiast Vanessa Edwards. She takes us on a tour of her beautiful East London home which she shares with her husband Charlie. Their home is filled with treasures from their travels, natural cosy textures and pops of colour giving their home a relaxing harmonious feel. 

What are your top 5 things that you couldn't live without in your home?

My MELIMELI sofa, it's so comfy and I can really stretch out on it, it makes me fall asleep! My record player, it is so nice on a weekend to potter about listening to music that crackles and has a bit more soul to it.
My white SMEG kettle, I am tea obsessed, I drink about 6 cups a day, I can’t start the day without one. My bed, it's just a necessity :)
My interior books and magazine collection, my most relaxing treat is to flick through a mag, I've always been a very visual person ever since I was a child and I get really inspired by the images in them and try to recreate styling or take ideas for my own home and garden. My imagination is pretty wild, I get easily transported.

Is there a piece in your home that has traveled with you from each place you have lived in? What is it, why do you love it?

My IKEA chair, funnily enough, was always a beautiful shape but just pretty recognisable as a mass production so I thought about getting rid of it when I moved. However I recently recovered it in a bold navy beach stripe inspired by my favourite interior designer Tamsin Johnson, and now it's recovered it looks really unique and gives my living room a sort of 90s palm beach or Soho House vibe which I love.

Anything new you are looking to add to your home currently?

Our home when we moved in was pretty "done" however it was finished to flip and sell, so the finishes and details need a bit of attention, we want to go back through and refine it a bit and add our stamp, so far I’ve just been styling it. We want to add back in some wooden flooring. Adding a white marble fireplace to the living room and redoing all the radiators, light switches, little details that will really up-spec the property subtly.
Also I love love tiles and I'm so excited to have the front path tiled, I am thinking blue and white, which is a theme in our home which is still true to the Victorian roots but adds a bit of a nod to our travels to Greece or Lisbon. I'll also run that theme into the kitchen back splashes and bathrooms.

Was there a place or something you saw recently that inspired your home style?

Our home is a Victorian terrace which we try to be sympathetic to its era but also we love travelling and personally I am super inspired by the interiors of hotter climates.
White wash walls, rattans, terracottas, linens and natural colours and woven fabrics. I try to slip that into each room and even our garden. My main inspirations are the Balearic Islands and the Amalfi coast for interiors and colours.
But also I Like a sleek , polished, 90s Miami vibe so it's a bit of a mix but I hope it works together. The shutters on our bay window are a pretty common addition, but I wanted to add them as I like to think it gives a nod to Barbados and some of their more colonial decor, I'm going to add some porcelain shell sconces either side to set off the look.

Where do you find inspiration for your home decor?

Everywhere, when I am walking down the street I snap things I like. In magazines and books and mainly on our travels, oh and instagram I’ve got so many saved images.
Mainly I would say I am inspired by seaside living. The sea is my happy place and I have a shell obsession. There are little shells everywhere in my home.
I want our home to feel like a lovely boutique hotel you stay in when you are on holiday, neutral, relaxing with pops of interesting colour and texture, even down to the smell, a lot of candles and home scents I use are orange blossom or Jasmin based which are my favourite and remind me of a tropical garden …… it might take us a while bit by bit but it's getting there.

 Take a look at Vanessa's home edit here


1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.