Att Home with Josefin Brodén

During a recent trip to Sweden we visited physiotherapist Josefin's new home, and fell for its turn-of-the-century charm. Josefin lives in the flat with her boyfriend Kerim, and it’s conveniently situated in the heart of Gothenburg's trendy Linnéstaden area.


Josefin has had a keen interest in interiors since her early teens, flourishing when she moved in to her first flat. This passion shines through in her Gothenburg home. We first notice the beautiful original hard wood floors which have been painted white. ‘It was one of the many changes we made when we first moved in,’ she tells us. 'The flat wasn't your typical refurbishment project and many people thought we were silly to make changes, but for us it was important to have an open layout and to expose the original floorboards. When we first saw the property they were covered with a darker parquet flooring.'  

And with the space opened up, the dining table, made by Josefin’s father in law, takes centre stage. 'The dining table is my favourite piece of furniture in the flat, it's the heart of the home and we've spent many hours with friends and family here. The fact that Kerim's father has made it for us makes it extra special and unique,' says Josefin while she sips a cup of coffee.


Josefin describes her interior taste as simple, durable, functional, light and with a mix of new and old - a typical Scandinavian look. 

The kitchen, with its exposed brickwork wall and fresh white features, is a perfect combination of industrial and modern design. The kitchen was completely redone when they moved in, and the pair liked the idea of the exposed red brickwork to give the space some character. 'I don't even mind cracks running through the bricks, it add a nice quirky touch to the room,' she smiles.


Naturally we love Josefin's Att Pynta goose feather lampshade which hangs triumphantly in the centre of her bedroom. Leading on from the bedroom is the walk-in closet, allowing the couple enviable space for their clothes. ‘It was one of my favourite things about this flat when we first viewed it!' Josefin tells us, looking at the rows of neatly aligned clothes and shoes.   


The couple have done a great job renovating their new home and have reinstated a lot of the flats original turn-of-the century appeal. Kerim, an engineer, has done a lot of the work himself together with his dad, a carpenter, so they had really managed to create a personal space that suits the couple perfectly.

 As we leave we notice the striking grey and white Moroccan inspired tiles in the hallway, just another detail which makes this flat so special. We've taken so much inspiration from this home and can't wait to visit again when next in Sweden.

 Photography: Amanda Nelson for Att Pynta


1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.