Att Home with...Amelia Widell

Step inside Stockholm-based interior designer Amelia Widell's stunning home. In 2015, Amelia started the brand MELIMELI Home with the purpose of making her furniture design dreams a reality. Every piece that Amelia creates reinforces her vision that one’s home should be a restful place where you are free to be yourself. Amelia's home is full of comfortable cosy seating with a designer flair in the fabrics and prints used. It is a space that reflects her free spirit and creative visions as she is often updating it with new MELIMELI designs that she tries out at home.

This is a home that is full of character and charm, from her beautiful wall colour choices, delicate print details and inviting feel. At its heart Amelia’s home is a cosy welcoming space you truly want spend time in. Discover her brand MELIMELI Home.

What are your top 5 things that you couldn't live without in your home?
The MELIMELI sofa, The Hästen bed, The Moccamaster coffee machine, The Samsung Frame TV and the Dyson air wrap (hair is important)!

Is there a piece in your home that has traveled with you from each place you have lived in? What is it, why do you love it?
I have some artwork that used to belong to my Grandma that comes with me from home to home.

Where do you find inspiration for your MELIMELI designs? 

Social media is a big source of inspiration but nothing beats travelling.
Visiting another country or city, just to get a break from my everyday environment, inspires me to create with a free spirit.

Was there a place or something you saw recently that inspired your home style?
We repainted the bedroom from soft pink to white after browsing too many Mediterranean white painted houses on Pinterest when searching for inspiration for our big renovation of our summer house this spring.

Anything new you are looking to add to your home currently?
We are currently updating our bathrooms with some new furniture and a bathtub. On the hunt for the perfect sink, cabinets and bath, to suit my style. 


1. A Swedish term which means "to add decorative details to your home".
2. Pronounced in English as At Pinta.